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Science and Technology Marking period "A" assignments

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General Rules and Information

The marking period projects are "open ended". You should never be saying "Ok, I'm done now so I am going to ...."fill that in whith your favorite non class activity. I can only show you some of what you need to know, so much more rests in your searching, finding and trying information about the programs. The "A" student wil be the student who seeks to learn more than the basics that I show you in class.

DO NOT PLAY GAMES IN CLASS during work time, you may lose 1 grade point each time your are found off task, based on your lack of class participation

Click for a list of things you need for class and more detailed information on class rules


Use the assignment sheet given in class to keep track of work you have done or are missing. Place sheet in your notebook. I may ask to see and check it from time to time.

Start of term 

Day 1, introductions of students, survey given on line, some images of Bryce as time permits.

Day 2, take attendance

Notebook requirement
	Must have it Friday latest.
	Must meet criteria

computer numbers re-number according to Keller system. Hs202-dvd, hs 202-back

Computer log-in
Failure to log out - consequences.

e-mail addresses
	who needs one? - use yahoo.
	Round robin or word document.

class web page know it, bookmark it.

assignment lists - check list

Presentation of projects and seating chart.
	file management, desktop / backgrounds, docks, adding/deleting, printing

Getting started

  • seating arrangements - set up seating chart
  • set up groups
  • distribute or access assignment sheets
  • set up e-mail accounts for all students
  • make an e-mail distribution list for all students
  • set up files and learn file paths
  • learn to access server for storage and getting assignments
  • take photo (head shot)
  • download digital still image with camera
  • use photoshop for simple photo fix
  • prepare cover for your notebook include
    • your photo (head shot)
    • some images of things you like, or like to do (school appropriate)
    • Pictures from internet can be used. Try out thepicture tools to modify them in interesting ways.
    • your name and period in text
  • notebook check
  • quiz on Photoshop :: this is an example of a possible solution to quiz (note that color is wrong however) click to see it This is the quiz you may review it before you take it in class. The psd file for the quiz is not on line.

Application of Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Internet Explorer and networking
this is an example of a possible report click to see it

Remember to document all information obtained in a bibliography to be placed on the back of the handout with the questions see below for more details
Form Teams of 2 or 3 based seating groups. (example, seats 11,12,13 are together and form a team and 34,35 are together as are 51,52,53)
    Project due Friday 18th before vacation. Presentations will be when we return from vacation.
  • view video and take notes to help with assignment.
  • Use the internet to find information about each of the following from the film.
    1. COG
    2. Kismet
    3. Leonardo
    4. Robo-Tuna
    5. Robo-Pike
    6. The sprawl robots program
    7. ASIMO or P3
    8. Robotic prosthetics - hands, arms, legs, fingers
    9. roombot and other right now tools.
    10. Pino - Kitano's humanoid robot
  • Get e-mail from everyone in class
  • research topics -
    1. what is new, what has changed since video?
    2. Give quick history.
    3. use pictures from internet,
    4. modify them in photoshop as needed.
    5. USE Word wrap to wrap text around pictures.
    6. font 12 pt serif (Times New Roman).
    7. use a bold large font for a headline.(24pt.or 36pt. or larger) NO WORD ART PLEASE
    8. use a text box to highlight a statement of importance.
    9. provide a biline for all group member names
  • finished report will be one page long only. Tell the story in YOUR OWN WORDS. Get the bet writer in the group to write, others deal with pictures and layout. Netowrk your oomputers. Keep IT SIMPLE and Understandable.
  • tell us who what where why who and how.
  • Prepare three questions about the report topic that help the reader to remember the important items. place them on the back of the sheet.
  • prepare enouth copies for everyone in class (print on both sides of the paper.
Hand write this assignment on your assignment sheet in your notebook and include the date due. Random groups will be asked to present their topics to class. A quiz will follow on these topics. (perhaps with file management quiz?

assignment - Bryce

click here

P>Assignment - Computer introduction

What is this computer?

click to go to assignment

Assignment Buying a computer - research and office project

click to go to assignment

Flash cards for quiz - click here to view review

class review click for rules of game

assignment - Building Web Pages

click here

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