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Marking Period 1 assignments

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Welcome to the Science and Technology assignment page!
    On this page you will find the following:
  1. Tasks
  2. Due dates
  3. Quizes
  4. Homework
  5. And general information

The page will be updated with each new assignment but the old ones will remain.

General Rules and Information

The marking period projects are "open ended".  You should never be saying "Ok, I'm done now so I am going to ...."fill that in whith your favorite non class activity.  I can only show you some of what you need to know, so much more rests in your searching, finding and trying information about the programs.  The "A" student wil be the student who seeks to learn more than the basics that I show you in class.

DO NOT PLAY GAMES IN CLASS during work time, you may loose 1 grade point each time your are found off task, based on your lack of class participation

All assignments should be handed in ON TIME. Assignments handed in on time may be reasubmitted to improve the grade (restrictions applyby assignment). Late assignments will be graded at least a 1/2 grade lower. All make up or resubmissions of work must be handed in by one week before the end of the cycle to get credit. Work submitted after that date will only be considered to avoid failure that results in loss of credit.  

Grades will be based on class participation, self advancement, and mastery of skills as demonstrated by

  • practical tests
  • individual and group projects
  • On line quizes and tests
  • homework
  • timely completion of work
A practical test is one in which one is required to do the skills, not answer questions about doing the skills. For example, You might be used to a test question asking "how do you create a drop cap in Appleworks?". In a practical test the assignment will be, "Change the first letterof this report to be a drop cap."

E-mail and the internet may be used during the last five minutes of class unless the teacher calls the class to order, presentations are being made, or your daily work is not complete.  Any other time, these internet uses should only be used directly related to class work.


Assignment 5 - Due November 7, 2001
finish your web pages by the end of the marking period. Include the final items on the grade page. Including internal links, and links to items on your page.
Information on making internal links can be found hereaslo see the NAVY page in the links at the bottom of the page.

Assignment 4 - Due October 25, 2001
evaluation of this project is done on a form given by teacher look here look here for a web version. Please note that the area of attention contains three items(appearance, color and fun), the area of "content" contains the next three areas (interest, ease of use and informative) and the last area "technical" conatins all of the rest of the list.
I expect this evaluation to take three school classes to complete.
Please note the following requirements for the first part of the web assignment due for this evaluation.

  • make and link (on grade page) an icon you prduced in photoshop
  • a link to your web site from the index page(on a topic of interest to you)
      containing the following)
    1. table for formating
    2. animated gif
    3. linked image
    4. linked text to items on the page
    5. references to pages by others
    6. something special that I found on the intenet and that I added to my page!
    7. Students, on the grade page,- add an Icon at the bottom with a link to take me back to your index page

Assignment 4
Science and Technology

Making a web site

    Objectives -Student will:
  • use Geocities to set-up a web site
  • copy and paste the file index.html created in class into the text editor and upload to internet
  • Agree not to use any personal information about themselves such as address, phone, last name, as is school policy
  • add background color to the page.
  • create a web site using various web development tools

Task – Using the related class work of writing a web page in html as a part of assignment 3,
You are to access, join Yahoo, and set up a web page. We will work on this assignment together.
Once you have set up your site, you can begin to start your web page for this class assignment.

create a web site about the interest area you wrote your outline on in the test part 2 below.

  • you will have links to other web pages
  • you will have links to your own pages
  • you will have pictures you make yourself
  • you will have pictures that are "public domain"
  • you will have a digital photo
  • you will have ordered or unordered lists
  • you will explore "webmonkies" "webmonkies" and add new and exciting items to your web page.
  • we will explore together various web development tools.
Time for assignment four weeks.

Sub tasks for assignment 4

  • Be sure you have the following pages:
    an index page - the "JOHN" page listing the class objectives and having a link to your web site.
  • a copy of your first page (with the american flag gif)
  • a "grades page" set up as described in class
  • a series of student created icons how to make icons
  • watch for more items listed here daily!

Assignment 3A
Science and Technology
done in class, save to hard drive - not submitted for grade unless requested by teacher.

Web Page development - INTERACTIVE LEARNING
    Objectives - Student will:
  1. Use practice html using the interactive tutorial.
    • Gjo to the bottom of this page and find the link for "Dave's HTML tutorial" do mini chapters 1 thru 9.

      Assignment 3
      Science and Technology
      done in class, save to hard drive - not submitted for grade unless requested by teacher.

      Web Page development - extra simple method.
        Objectives - Student will:
      1. Use WORD to produce a web page from a prepared DOC format.
      2. reveal the code persented by the program
      3. identify the major code sections in HTML - That is, HTML>Head>Body

      • create a new folder in your class folder called "webpages"
      • open that folder and create a new folder in it that is called "wordhtml"
      please note that there are to be no spaces between words in folders and file names that will be used on the internet.
      • Open you report from assignment 2
      • Use the "file" menu item "save as HTML"
      • be sure to save to your new "wordhtml" folder to create a web page with no work on your part.
      • to view your web page, open a browser, use file open, and browse your hardrive to find your folder. If you want your page to open automatically, change its name to "index.html".

      TEST #1 given Friday September 21, 2001
      This test will be a practical test covering the skills developed in Assignments 1 & 2.
      A practical test is one in which one is required to do the skills, not answer questions about doing the skills. For example, You might be used to a test question asking "how do you create a drop cap in Appleworks?". In a practical test the assignment will be, "Change the first letterof this report to be a drop cap."
      click here when this text is blue to go to the test. If the text is not blue the text is not available to you at this time.
      You can e-mail me with any questions Mr. Keller

      Assignment 2 - due Sept. 12, 2001

      Assignment 2
      Science and Technology

      Word Processing – Transferring skill to other programs.

        Objectives -Student will:
      • Use knowledge from MS Word to use Appleworks 6
      • Transfer information using stickies, scrapbook and cut and paste.
      • Produce original information - not plagiarized material
      • Use "outline" to organize information
      • Use Drop Cap effectively

      Task – Using the material researched in Assignment 1,
      You are to write a simple – easy to understand – description of your topic. This will be presented in a single page, with double-spaced 12-point font. It will include Pictures and use word wrap to bring the text around it. It will include a Drop Cap feature.
      You will organize your ideas using "outline" and you will print out both the outline and the report.
      You will include a header with your name, date, period number "Assignment 2" but no page numbers.
      Time for assignment two days.

      To create a drop cap, go to tool bar ( the little red tool box at the bottom of the page) and select text tool it looks like the letter "A". Hold Option down while draging yur mouse accross the text box to form a new small text box. Set the font size to a nice large font like 36 or 48, and if you like change the font to something interesting too. Type the information you want to have (the drop cap letter) into the box. Select the frame (the area of the drop cap) with the arrow tool found on the tool menu abouve the text tool you just used. At this point the menu screen at the top of the page will change. Go to option menu and select Text Wrap. Pick regular and you are done. You may want to change the size of the drop cap box, or reposition it on the page.

      Assignment 1 - due Sept. 10, 2001

      research on the internet - Using Microsoft WORD and the internet.
      Using Sherlock 2, scrapbook and stickies.

        Objectives -Student will be able to:
      • switch between programs
      • use sherlock2 to assist in searching the internet,
      • use scrapbook and stickies to store information for use in a report.
      • use WORD to copy information from the internet for later use in research papers and reports.
      • To properly cite reference information from the internet.
      • to right justify and full justify in Word.
      • to use footnotes
      • to use footers/headers.
      • to change fonts size, color format
      • to insert pictures in a report.
      • to get pictures from the internet.
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