ivbiology MR. Clarke
Indian Valley High School Biology instructor
Sept 27, 1999 Chemistry of life
1Learn the language associated with the biochemistry of life
2Understand the make-up of atoms
3Understand the various types of bonding
4Distinguish between an acid, base, salt, buffer
5Identify the characteristics of acids and bases
6Understand the chemistry of water to living organism
7Distinguish between hydrolysis and condensation
8Know the characteristics of the 4 major organic compounds
and explain their roles in the make-up of living thing
9Distinguish between organic and inorganic substances

Lab: Identifying organic compounds
    Identifying the characteristic of acids, and bases

Homework: Vocabulary Crossword
         Chapter 7 review
         Chemistry of life w/s 7A
         Chemistry of life w/s 7B
         Chemistry of life w/s 7C

Quiz: Chapter 7 Vocabulary Quiz
     Organic Compound Quiz
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Characteristics of life Vocab
Ecosystem structure vocab
Chemistry Of life Vocab
Ecosystem structure vocab
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