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Indian Valley High School Comparative Cultures instructor
Bonjour! Bienvenue!

Welcome to Comparative Cultures, a class that I am very excited about. Indian Valley has given me a free hand in designing a class where my students will experience French, Italian, Spanish and German, as well as the wonderful countries & cultures that accompany those languages. Not only do the students study the language, but they will have the opportunity to learn some of the history, culture, politics and arts of the target country. We will be discussing, comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities that we find with those customs characteristic of the US and ourselves.

Comp Cultures:

Vendredi: Continue with group project. We will be going to the library to use the net and various encyclopedias, for end research. Papers due on Monday.

Lundi: Papers due! Presentations in class.

Mardi: Finish presentations. Finish chapter.

Thursday: Review for test.

Friday: Chapter TEST

I can tutor Tuesdays & Weds during Activity Period (5th). See me before to set up a time.
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