iviecbe Ms. Ivie
McEachern High School Cooperative Business Education Director, Business Technology Department Chairman
Welcome to Cooperative Business Education (CBE) at McEachern High School.  

As a student in this program it will be very important for you to check this web site often.  Reminders, announcements, assignments, etc., will be posted regularly.  

Parents are welcome to view this site as well so share the address with them.

Why are you taking CBE???  I know your first answer is, "to get out of school early" but, I want you to think of it as more than that.  

CBE is an important tool for your future.  We will focus on linking your school experience to your work experience in order to provide exceptional training and benefits for you.  It is very important to keep your parents and employers involved and updated on your CBE coursework.

One of the first assignments you have is to get all of the preliminary paperwork completed and returned.  Assignments and deadlines of this type are going to play an important role in your success in this class.

Please e-mail me at anytime with any question, concerns, or comments and encourage your parents to do the same.....

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