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We are currently working on shapes. We have learned a song to the tune of "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf". Here are the lyrics:
            Yo me llamo circulo, circulo, circulo
            Yo me llamo circulo
            Y como te llamas tu?
            (My name is circle, circle, circle
             My name is circle, and what is your name?)
circulo = circle
triangulo = triangle
cuadrado = square
rectangulo = rectangle
ovalo = oval
diamante = diamond

Things we have already learned are:

Colors: red = rojo, green = verde, blue = azul, negro = black, orange = anaranjado, yellow = amarillo

Greetings: Hola = hello
          Como estas? = How are you?
          Muy bien, gracias = Fine, thank you
          Como te llamas? = What is your name?
          Me llamo... = My name is...

Teacher Directions: Levantate = Stand up
                   Sientate = Sit down
                   Levanta la mano = Raise your hand
                   Baja la mano = Put your hand down
                   Que es esto? = What is this?
                   Silencio, por favor = Quiet please

Things we are still working on are: the numbers 1-10 in and out of sequence.

1 = uno
2 = dos
3 = tres
4 = cuatro
5 = cinco
6 = seis
7 = siete
8 = ocho
9 = nueve
10 = diez
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