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Indian Valley Elementary K-5 Spanish Teacher

You have successfully logged on to the Home Connection class page for fourth grade Indian Valley Elementary students.Use this page to find out what units are being covered in your students class. Take home assignments will also be posted here. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or suggestions for improvement of this page. Please note: Accents marks will be added soon, as well as favorite links and Quia activities to support classroom instruction.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Donna Divine for inspiring me to create this page.


Currently, we are working on the following curricular outcomes found on the Blue Valley Elementary Foreign Language Assessment:

                    1. Write a narrative about myself.
                    2. Read a narrative about myself.

Lesson 1:
1. Complete a "fill in the blank" form which ask for last name, first name, age, address, telephone number, parents names, name of school and name of Spanish teacher.
2. On same form, check off activities and sports (a check if the student likes the activity or sport; an x if not.

Lesson 2:
1. Transfer information from form used in Lesson 1 into paragraph format.

Lesson 3:
1. Edit paragraph and begin rewrite.
2. Students will be asked to rewrite paragraph at home using teacher's corrections.

Lesson 4:
1. Practice reading paragraph with partner.
2. Prepare to read paragraph to the class.

Lesson 5:
1. Student will read paragraph to the class.
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