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Isle of Wight College GCSE English
GCSE ENGLISH January 25 2000

Today after registration, I would like to spend up to 15 minutes discussing any problems you may have either in understanding the course, your coursework instructions and setting a time if necessary to make individual tutorial appointments.

Theoretically we have covered enough of Macbeth to help you with the assignment--but there is also a lot of help available on the internet to help you enliven your essay with some more or even outrageous ideas which you can set up to shoot down in flames if that appeals to you.

Today we are starting to discuss poetry in earnest as this is a topic which will also indubitably appear on your exam paper.

We shall spend 20 minutes discussing our ideas of poetry and probably a further 15 to 20 going over the help sheets for the week. Our first poetry tasks are from the blue book and concern the craft called Esau.

After summarising our findings and concerns at the end of the first poetry experience, we shall go through the performance criteria for next week's oral discussion on Princess Diana--tragic heroine? Discuss.

At the end of the session we shall summarise and list all points made and plan the home and RBL tasks for the week.
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