iwcgcseeng3 Annie
Isle of Wight College GCSE English Pre Access
GCSE English February 8,2000

Register: Revise previous week (Macbeth because of my absence)15 minutes. Discuss HW 15 minutes.


To instil confidence and promote improved self expression both oral and written
To acquire knowledge of and ability to use oral performance criteria
To use learned skills in oral discussion--using drama theory and 20th century poetry as basis for discussions.
To strengthen skills vital for poetry analysis.

Manner of Learning

Discussion 1:1 with tutor (HW problems)15 mins, Q&A group re oral task for moderator 15 mins,Discussion Task--small groups, with chosen leader to report back 30 mins. Debriefing 10 mins.
Poetry Reading Ted Hughes: 30 mins to include individual,pair and group work.
Lecture/discussion 20th century poetry--criteria? likes/dislikes. Depth. Insight. Reader participation 20 mins

Homework and RBL

Summarise content of lesson.Check understanding and independent ability. RBL gcse bitesize. Compare and contrast any two poems by different 20thcentury poets as practice for class controlled assignment and exam.
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