iwcgcseeng4 Annie
Isle of Wight College GCSE English--pre-Access
15 February 2000

Enrich and enhance the poetic experience through
background knowledge
related stimulus
topic comparison
oral confidence.

Learning method
Register and discuss returned homework/coursework tasks (15 minutes)
Ted HughesDiscussion of poems read to date,analysis of Hawk Roosting and Wind. (30 minutes)
Background to poetry --quick sketch  Greece to 20th century!
Including discussion, Q&A,(30 minutes)
Daedalus&IcarusUsing painting by Brueghel,Matisse, poems by Auden,William Carlos Williams,Ted Hughes (trans.from Seneca) and Ovid's Metamorphoses.
THEN suggestion police report of accident (worksheets provided as help guides) as personal writing fiction(45 minutes)
Topic poemsGiacometti's Dog (Robert Wallace),Snake (DH Lawrence) cf.Hawk/Crow etc Ted Hughes.(15 mins) if time OR

Homework/RBL/resumé lesson 15 minutes.
Personal writing fiction--police report
OR choose any other painting as stimulus for story
RBL search Pieter Brueghel,WH Auden,Greek Mythology,Bullfinch's Age of Fable, TS Eliot--remember Cats!
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