iwcgcsepd Annie
Isle of Wight College Innovations/GCSE course tutor
GCSE Study Skills--Personal Development
Wednesday January 5,2000

Today we have discussed the preparing of a CV and researching career options. Your folder must include an up-to-date CV, you can get computer help on this through Word as well as through other sites.
You must include copies of certificates gained--I can photocopy these-- and through the careers guidance team, you should be able to track your chosen career or career options you could follow from the GCSE options you have chosen.
Ask the careers advisers to give you a printout of the info.
You can also ask for a psychometric test to show your ability and aptitude and suggestions for suitable careers.

For your RBL session today, I would like you to visit website, choose a subject in which you are interested ( Computing, Maths, Spanish, etc) and tackle some of the games and quizzes on offer.

Make a note of the subject, the tasks undertaken and list at least one thing you learned from tackling the activity.

For the second half of this term, you will be tackling a project on Spain and Barcelona with Camino who is coming especially from Spain to help with this. Start thinking now of what you would be interested in learning about Spain--music, art, architecture, culture.........

Anyone who has not finished library pack do so this week please
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