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Isle of Wight College OCN Portfolio 1671
Personal Development/Study Skills January 26 2000

Today we finalise study plan for the first half of this term,check through folders and library packs, discuss project plan for wall display. Students who have not made a tutorial appointment for this term should do so at this session. Hopefully we should also be able to complete OCN Level 2 exam entry forms this session.

Lesson base: We shall study the guidelines for presenting your GCSE English work with specific reference to presentation skills for your oral assessment. In addition I would like to ensure that you have a thorough grasp of outlines you need to work towards for your English coursework written.

We shall do this by means of boardwork, discussion,handouts.

We shall check understanding through an actual coursework task to be discussed next week.

RBL will involve extra research to upgrade one coursework essay. You will also read today's class notes and e mail me to say that you have done this. Those of you who do not have an email address, get one now. I am happy to help if you don't know how to do this.
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