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Isle of Wight College OCN Portfolio 1671
Study Skills/OCN Portfolio 1671

These pages show exactly how many people access them and noone accessed or followed instructions on the last session,URL was iwcgcsepd2.html.

Study Skills session today will involve catching up with back work in library pack, portfolio and European Computer Driving Licence. All your library computer work as well as library pack will be checked either by computer staff at base or by me so please access these pages when requested, as from today print out each sheet to include in folder and find out how to email and get an email address if you have not already done so.

Nathan, I have lost your address--email me from the top of this sheet. Dennis and Brendan, I am emailing you separately.

EXTRA RBL for those of you who are up to date with Study Skills--CDRoms/English/Macbeth or for those of you who like games/languages--choose CDRoms/Languages/Who is Oscar Lake? You will need to read instructions and choose a language but English version is accessed by hitting the button with letters and accents at the righthand side of screen.

If anyone has any problems email me. Back soonest. Annie
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