iwcgcsepd5 Annie
Isle of Wight College Innovations GCSE,OCN Portfolio Level 2
Wednesday, 9 February,2000

Last week's sheet is on iwcgcsepd4. Please read it if you have not already done so as it contains some useful information. My apologies for your being left unattended last week. There were too many people away to provide cover but be assured I was thinking about you!

To update all register and tutorial information
To inspect library records and packs not yet seen
To create a useful assessment form to evaluate your College experience
To check RBL records/attendance/
To create RBL user form

Manner of learning
Individual update records/tutor appointments (15 mins)
Assessment forms--individual work on existing forms then group work (max.4) on evaluation forms then one member from each group to suggest ideas for brainstorming (30 mins max)

Volunteers to create evaluation forms?
GCSE Bitesize--excellent revision for most subjects. Choose
subject, tackle revision site then complete test bite. Write up or print out with result.
Make sure Portfolio is up to date.
Email addresses. This week please
Useful links
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