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Isle of Wight College GNVQ2 Spanish
lunes, 31 de enero de 2000    español

You now have three sites of your own on the web so far. I have listed them below. This is the start site for those of you who have completed your hotel form assignment. Shall I leave them with Ian for collection or do you wish to pick them up next week ? Please email with answer.
Today's games will help you learn the words you will need for the next assessment--Compile a small brochure in Spanish for your hotel. Don't worry. This will be really easy. You have already learned vocabulary for the facilities.
Today I wish you to:  a) learn vocabulary on games site
                   b) look up turismo as a search word and print off at least one advertisement for a Spanish hotel or holiday complex to bring with you for next week's class.

If you click to see a list of vocabulary on your quia games site you will receive a vocabulary list which you can print out.

Finally make up TEN (diez) sentences using words from your vocabulary list. FUNTIME try CDRom Breakthrough Spanish or Who is Oscar Lake? with headphones.

Any problems email me. Click on line under email Annie at top of this sheet
My Quia activities and quizzes
La Comida
Food vocabulary from last week
En el Hotel
More hotel vocabulary--new and revision
Verbs: perfect tense.
Perfect tense revision. Ask me if you have not done this.
Useful links
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