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Isle of Wight College GNVQ2 El Ocio y el Turismo
lunes,7 de febrero de 2000

Pasar lista y repasar tareas de la semana pasada (15 minutos)

To understand aims, objectives and assessment criteria of summer exam certificate.(15 minutos)
To choose OCN Level 1 coursework tasks
To choose OCN Level 2 coursework tasks(15 minutos en total)
To revise travel vocabulary (15 minutos)
To learn grammar and vocabulary for one coursework task
To undertake one task (30 minutos)

Manera de Aprender
Uso de OCN hojas del examen: OCN performance criteria sheets
Uso de cintas relacionados con las tareas: use of tapes relevant to task (listening practice)
Uso del libro de textos (Vaya 1) o (Gente 1) Text book.
DiscusiĆ³n en grupo y en pareja. Group and pairwork.
La pizarra (blackboard)


Who is Oscar Lake? Fix time for us to play it together. tests. When you are asked to fill in my email please use Then when you have performed test perfectly I am emailed with your results.
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