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Objetivos para la semana 9/11-9/15

9/11 lunes  
Objetivo:  To say what you like/dislike
           To describe yourself

Warm Up:  List at least 2 adj. that would describe these professions: autoracer, politician, salesperson, comedian, accountant

Guess who? Game--Students will write on a piece of paper 3 adj, 3 things they like to do, and three things they don't like to do.  Students in groups will take turns voting for who that person is.

Assignment:  Writing Activity--will be part of written/oral grade for test.
Homework:  Workbook p 18-19, Finish writing assignment

9/12 martes
Objectivo:  To talk about the concept of
           friendship in Spanish speaking countries.

Warm Up:  Check homework p 18-19
Assignment:  In groups read Perspectiva Cultural and answer questions 1-2
Work on prueba 1-3/1-5 in class and Workbook b 20-21
******Turn in writing activity for correction
Tarea:  Review vocabulary, Mas practica y tarea (p30-33)

9/13 miercoles
Objectivo: Students will take ch 1 reading test
Assignment:  When test is complete students will work on Los Opuestos handout.
Prepare script for oral test.

Tarea:  Rewrite letter.  Will be turned in tomorrow for writing portion of test.  Prepare for oral test.

9/14 jueves
Objectivo:  Students will use voc learned and written activity for oral portion of test.

Oral test
Students will work on "Vamos a escribir" p 42 and create a "YO soy..." poem.

****Make sure all wkbk pages are completed by Friday.
9/15 viernes
Objetivo:  Students will use voc learned and written activity for oral portion of test.

Oral test
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