izaguirre2 Ms I
Alice High School EspaƱol I/II
La profesora Izaguirre les dice,"BIENVENIDOS!"

Objetivos para la semana 9/11-9/15

9/11 lunes
Objective:  To compare subjects that you like the  
                  most and the least. (pp44 49)
                  To talk about school schedules
Assignment: To copy all grammatical formats in "blue
            boxes" pp 44 - 49
            Review verb: Salir/Tener/traer/conocer
            Formas comparativas
            Complemento directo
Practice:   Workbook pp 1/5 to 1/8
      Homework:   Empecemos a escribir handout
                  Mas practica y tarea (p30-36)
9/12  martes
Objective: SIX WEEKS TEST/Reading (CH) Test
               Empecemos a escribir assignment due
         Assignment: Reading handout/answering questions
         Homework:  Mas practice y tarea (30-33)

9/13  miercoles
Objective: SIX WEEKS TEST/Writing (CH) Test
          Assignment: To write a letter to an imaginary
             friend from pre-writing exercise
          Homework: Mas practica y tarea (pp 42-49)

9/14 jueves
Objective: Listening Test -
          Assignment: Listen to taped script
              and answer quiz/ Pruebas 1/5 - 1/8
          Homework:  Finish workbook and turn in Friday

9/15 Viernes
Objective: Oral Test based on written exercise
         Assignment: perform oral test by conversing
             with a partner about school subjects, do's 
              and don'ts and school environment.
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