jac Mrs. Cook
Bear Branch Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher
I am always amazed at how quickly the school year passes.  The beginning of second semester is a landmark for me and for my students.  This semester will bring many exciting changes in the level of learning and new learning activities.  We will participate in the spelling bee, family science and math night,TAAS testing in writing, math, and reading, awards ceremonies, and many other activities.  At this time, we are reading Search for the Shadowman in reading, plus cementing the skills of vocabulary building, sequencing, and cause/effect relationships.  Our math class is learning two-digit multiplication and applying computational skills to problem solving.  In language arts, we are writing, writing, writing...!!!  We are also fine- tuning our proofreading skills.  Studying the Texas struggle for independence and the changes that struggle made in our state is occupying us in Social Studies.  We are looking forward to our trip to Huntsville to see the Sam Houston State Museum in late February.  We're very busy and also having some fun in our learning process.  The year 2002 should be an adventure for Mrs. Cook's fourth graders.
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