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FAMILY-There are many diffrent kinds of roses, here are a few kinds: the Miniture rose,Cabbage rose,Hybrid tea rose,the Shrub rose, the Grandifloras,and the tree rose.

FAMILY CHARACTERISTICS-Most roses have thorns.Most roses have a good smell but,some have oders.

GENUS & SPECIES-There is over 100 species.

IDENTIFYING TRAITS-Roses are grown in well-drianed soil.    Grows 5 seaples.The ovary,known as a hip,turns bright red.

TYPE OF HABITAT-The Temperate Zone.Has a mild climate.

AVERAGE PLANT SIZES-The shrub rose grows to be about 6 to 15 ft tall. The Miniture rose grows to be about 4 to 18 inches tall.Hybrid tea roses grow to be 3 ft tall.Grandifloras generally grow to be 5 ft tall.

TYPE OF FLOWER AND FRUIT-Some of the friuts are apple,pear,peach,plum,and cherry.

SEASON IN WHICH THE PLANT FLOWERS-It depends,but mostly in the summer and spring.

SPECIAL IMPORTANCE TO MAN OR ANIMAL-Has been grown for its fragrance and its beauty since anient times.Today it is the most popular garden flower in the world!

RESERCH REFERENCH-1 the computer 2 books 3 ourself

                                           BY: JACI & KENDRA
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