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                      STORY OF THE CENTURY

   This is the the story of the century, this is about one of the greatest athelete ever.  He came into a primariy whit sport and became a star.  He opened the door for many of the great atheletes of today.  He ranks among the top 50 in batting average and hits and is considered one of the greateset players ever.  Withought his infuence and courage, sports as we know it wold be completly diffrent.

    In 1947, there was a single game that changed sports as they were known and affcet the game ten fold today, a game called "One of the most anticipated games te national pas time has ever seen", Jackie Robison became the 1st african american to play professional baseball, and cleared the path for the countless other players who have plaed and play not just basebal but all proffessional sports.
    Jackie Robinson steppd to the plate in his first professional game in 1947, he said that he was afraid to look at the crowd because he was afraid that he would only see Negros clappng.  In his fist game Jackie went hittless but was able to score the winning run in the game, and this was the start of an outstanding career.
   Jackie Robinson was born in 1919, in rural Georgia.  His parents were share croppers and the expectaions for most of the kids was that they would go into he same buisnesss.  However Jackie excelled ans was able to attain hgher goals.
   Jackie Robinsons career began not in baseball as most people would expect but in footbll and track, at UCLA.   lettered in both sportsand was the NCAA national champion in the long jump. After graduating from college he was drafted intothe Army where he was court marshalled for refusing t move to the back of the bus.  He got out of the Army and then his career in baseball took off.
   He began playng for the Negro league Kasisity Monarchs.  There he was scouted and eventually signed by Hector Racine, the manager of the Montreal Royals te farm team for the dodgers.  This did not raise that much of a stir because other african americas had already been signed in the minor leagues but had never made it out of there.  He played for one year and hit .349 and was then brought op to the majors where the brunt of his presence was noticed.
   Ricky Branch, the owner of the Brooklyn dodgers knew that eventually african americans were going to become memebers of the professional sports league, and he was looking to speed up this processe.  He knew that the player he chose could not be afraid to show emotion on the field but not towards the fans.  He als needed a player who could preform under pressure.  These were the qualities that he saw in Jackie and thi well may be the reason that Jackie was able to achieve the level he did.
   Jackie Robinson went on to become the Rookie of the year that season and began to show falshes of his amazing speed.  His presence on the base path could confuse and keep an entire defense on its toes.  His main legacy would always be as a base stealer.
   Jacke went on to hit .311 lifetime and accmulated 192 stolen bases.  In his ten seasons he helped the Dodgers to win six pennets.
   Jackie Robinson said "A life is not important in the impact it has on other peoples lives. I believ that this and the fact the he was intducte into the hall of fame in the least possible time needed, and the fact that there are so many black atheletes show that his life had impact.

Dear editor,
    I am a white male who follows baseball religously, and would like to say the introducing these monorities into the game is a mistake. 
    They probably do nat have the skills and training that the fine white players have and will probably decreases the quality of the league.  This will also affect the pyschie ofthe league andit may cause the great white players to play poorly becaue they are playing with lower class athelets.  They have not played in the high class collegiate and developmental leaues that the white players have and therfore will be very sub-par for the pro level.  Also this sport may be over run by them and this could destroy the true nature of the sport forever.
    Dear editor,
  I am a black man who lives in the South, the emergence of Jackie Robinson in the pro leagues is a step in the right direction for everybody.  This will help not onl the black, and other ethinic goups in sports.
  When I was a child playing sports meant playing in the Negro leagueas and everyone around me considered this a disonahrable and low class proffesion.  Now witgh Jackie playin in he major lagues, this gives all of the youngsters something to strive for.  They can now have a chance to play sports on the highest level possible.  This will alo give the league more vigor, because there will be more room for competition and the players will try harder to succede in the new league.  This is a change for the beter for al of those who are involved in not just bsebll but all proffesional sports.       


   The changing face of baseball has been on most of the minds in the sports world since Jackie Robinson joined te league.  But know there has been a new trend that has developed in the sale of sports wear.
   Just weeks ago, the target market for baseball jerseys were white males and their children.  They primarily bought the perafanilia of their fvorite athelete ontheir fvorite tam.  They would also buy some little items like a mug or magnet hat would be kept around the house, and most teams had around the same sales revenu.
   Now just weeks later the sales of the Brooklyn Dodgers have taken off.  With the adition of Jackie Robinson, sales have rocketed and the team is making almost 200 times more money.
   The repersenitiv is saying that now the Afrocan American groups are beggining to buy in to the old white market of proffesional sports parafaneillia.  Sales of Jackie Rbinson jersyes are un-parralle ad are expected to stay that way and even grow as more minority atheets join into the pro leagues.
Jackie Robinson has been a huge marketing item nd will most likly continue be one long intothe future, some teams may even recruite aheletesto boost sales, but this remais t be seen.  We will see howmarketing changes as the new players arrive.        
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