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Clark College ESL Instructor
Welcome to new level 6
My name is Jacqueline Allen-Bond, but please call me Jackie.  This quarter I will be working with you on listening, speaking, pronunciation and grammar.  Since this class is a mixed level class some of the materials may seem too easy for some students and too difficult for others.  If you find something challenging, let me know and ask for help.  If you find something too easy, I will tell you how you can interact with the material and produce something which requires more of your language skills.  We can learn a lot from each other.  If you really know something very well, you can teach it to others, be prepared to listen to others, ask questions and learn.  Learning opportunities are all around us and in each and every student.  Some students have stronger skills in some areas than others; collaboratively, we can all improve our skills.

Below I have some quizzes and games to help you practice grammar and vocabulary, but there are also web sites that will help you work on your listening, reading and grammatical accuracy in writing. 

Attend classes regularly, use the internet and webpages to supplement your vocabulary and grammatical development, participate in conversations inside and outside of class at every possible opportunity.  Also make regular use of the computer to send emails in English and read and write in the local "BLOG".
My Quia activities and quizzes
Present Perfect & Simple Past
English Irregular Verbs
Verb Forms Review - ESL 6
progressive vs. non-action verbs
it is important to understand that verbs have more than one use and meaning in English and this can affect their form - practice
Present and past verbs
Learning Styles - (copy)
understanding how you learn is helpful in choosing useful strategies to study - practice learning style vocabulary
Tense Practice. Present, future, present perfect, simple past, used to & past continuous.
social culture review - (copy)
Mingling at a party - (copy)
ties in with chapter 1 - good review of tenses
Time-How much time is it?
Face Idioms
Quiz 2: Adjective clauses
Jobs and careers
Financial Aid vocabulary - (copy)
Earth Day Words - Advanced
Useful links
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