jacksonstrads Mrs. Jackson
Byrd MS Orchestra Director
Hello Everyone! If you complete one of the quizzes or games, print the results and I will give you ten points on the assignment of your choice. Please remember to copy on the page with the final score!

Information on COMING EVENTS!

Thank you  for your work so far this year. You are all to be commended for your building our program!

6th graders, start talking to your friends about this - NEXT YEAR 01 - 02, 7th graders will get to take TWO electives!!! Yes we will have a class of 7th grade beginners!! I need your help in recruiting these new students. Spread the word to your friends - I only want people like YOU!!

12/4 - Select SILVER STRINGS ONLY to perform at the Jepson Alumni Center at UR w/ JRT for Sarah James, Today Show host and JRT ALumni! 5:30 p.m. Sorry, $60/person parents. No chaperones! We will take a bus from JRT.

12/8 - Select students - performance at Riverfront Plaza - 12 - 1 Chaperones needed! (This is a COOL field trip!)

Enough for now...
My Quia activities and quizzes
Are you up to "SPEED"? The TEMPO Game
Tempo Game
Music Impossible
Amati terms
Music Vocabulary
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