jacttcc Timbo
The Rosner/Stynchula/Harr school Vice-president of the Extreme Team.
I would just like to say hi to all my friends such
as Jason Brinker, Chris Harr, Alex Stynchula,
Justin Fontaine, Aldo Prosperi, Eddie Bursch,
BJ Sarnese, Greg Stein, Brian Forte, and Santino
Sylvania.  My one sister Elizabeth is lazy but
she came in 2nd in the states foul shooting
contest.  She finally showed an act of
unlaziness.  I watched a movie called Village of
the Damned.  It is about 10 women who mysteriously
get pregnant all at the same time on the same day. 
The children have white hair and use black magic
against everybody.  How will they be stopped? 
Rent or buy the movie to find out.  I want to
change the words to this well-known song to spread
the truth about school.  "Late night, come home. 
SCHOOL SUCKS, I know."  If you do not agree with
that you are a dumbo.  This is for Chris Harr so the
rest of you will probably not understand what I
am talking about.  Monday-Baseball,
Tuesday-Running, Wednesday-Tennis/Basketball, Thursday-Running, Friday-Baseball. 
I need to talk to The Extreme Team members
so if you could contact me somehow that would be       great.  Who likes the song Bye Bye, by N'Sync. 
I will see some of you in school but the rest
of you I will see you around.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Nintendo terms and games
Guess the nintendo games and nintendo terms but watch out because if a whole body forms, you lose!
Baseball Teams
Unscramble the letters to figure out the baseball team.
Guess the word to test your knowledge of Pokemon.
Test your knowledge of movies in these games in one game.
Sports Trivia
Test your knowledge of sports in an up to 2 player game.
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