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Hey Guys ~
     This is my new page...Kinda sorta...O PS - I dont have the SN HyperHallie221 anymore.....
  Why This Month Sucks ~ Because it's freezing outside!

  Favorite Colors ~ Orange and Pink ~ TOGETHER!!!  
  Sentence of the month - Dam Elo ~!( Okay So It's Not Quite A Sentence But Whatever)

  Quote of the month ~¤ThE HaRd PaRt  iSnT DyiNg FoR FriEnDz¤iTz FiNdiN FriEnDz ThAt ArE WoRTh DyiNg 4¤

  Best Summer Activity ~ Sailing because its with Kate and Maddy b/c we can piss off the instructors so bad ~ This summer is gonna be like so dope, i'm like so totally stoked ( If you weren't there you wouldn't get it)

   Coolest Award ~ Maddy's "Do You Hate Me?" Afro Pick from Sailing...

    Funniest Inside Joke This Summer ~ Dam Elo - Basically Everyone @ SYC and Hugo the Janitor And~ No i was saying bye for amddy but this is amddy but i was saying bye to maddy but maddy really is me - Kate and Maddy (and thats not the whole thing either it gets more confusing as you keep reading)

  To Kate ~ Babe you know I love you and I just want you to know that GCS wont be the same without you~...I'm gonna miss you so much, I just want you to know that you are one of my bestest friends and you always will be no matter what...You have always been there for me whenever I needed you and you always knew how to make me feel better...Thanks so much and i love you always~!

CUTIE COUPLE- ~*Um No One Really*~

Hey to all my budz ~ Kate, Kel, Kendie, Maddy,Caro, Mol,Sare,Anna, Vaness,Jenelle, Kelly, Brit,Steph, Danielle,Jaime, Jenna, Julie,Tim, Spenc,Matt,David,Evan, Nick, Sexy Kevin, Ben & Ben, Will & Will,and other people...
If I left you out sorry!!! E-mail me!

  ~My Inside Jokes~
         Kel and Kendie~ I saw buzzoms>Kendall and Kel~ EWW!!! Utz Potatoe Chips!>Kel~ Doggtranana> Caro~ Hey Boyfriend> David~Your pal Hal> Kel~ Fifi Galatica on my well my nevermind!!!> Kel~ And potatoezzzz>~Dont Drink too much caffine>Jenelle,David,+ Kate~ !HYPER!> Jenelle , Amanda,Kelly,+ Carolyn ~Hair Gel> Spencer,Kendall,+ David~  All I know is that I have one shirt and thats all I'm wearing!>Kate~Lifeguard where is the nearest mental hospital?!> Kelly R. and Kate~ KellY(r)+ KatharIne>Vanessa and Jenna~34C> Vanessa~ Do you have a boyfriend , ecerds , hotties,fizz,the farting chair,lifeguard,do you have a boyfriend,+ AuStIn PoWeRs!> Kate~WHO ASKED YOU ANYWAYs and GO SCREW YOUR SELF!>Kelly ~When I freeze my butt off will you catch it?!?>Kelly and Kate~Three way Celine Deion singing over the phone>Danielle ~ I HOPE I GET BORED!>Kel~ Love had nothing to do w/ it!>Caro~dont do that THING..KB~i aint got no grandma no FL>KP ~ SOcK FESTIVAL>KP&KC you could do the easier jump! Kb~ the db word!Kel~ the spritizer! Kb&KC ~ synopisis & hoot>Spencer,David,and Zoe~ Ski Shalom>Zoe~IM NOT A GERM GIVER!!!!> Jenelle~ the body of christ - the body of christ...i mean AMEN> Kate~sompact> Kate&Spencer~ i got all the awards> Kate~the power of christ compells you, the power of christ compells you!> Kate, Jenelle, Jaime~ Our "buddy"> Will~ hey darling> Spencer~ we tight> Kel~ When my butt burns off will you catch it? No? Why not? Too hot to handle?> Kate~ i'll get the tomatoes!> Maddy, Carolyn, Mel & Kate~ Hello Mollys....House>Kelly~ i try to walk away and i StUmBlE> Manda~ You better watch your back cause i got people on the inside o really well i have people on the outside and people in the Gett-ho>Kel&Manda ~ come on mom all the cool moms are doing it! Fine!So Auntie...> Spencer, Ben, Molly, Kelly, and Manda~ Bens Daddy Warbucks>Kate~ Katie - Sue, Hallie - Lu the Walmart grls from TN!! It puts a smile on everyones face! Looky here I got this lovely skirt for 69 cents!>Kate ~ Reserved for Kate...K-A-T-E...> Kate, Jenelle,Jaime~ Ok now he is dorkish>Spencer&David~ The Slong Song> Spenc&David~ MAD LIBS!!!>Spenc&David~ Damnit Spencer why did you tell them i was a lesbo!!!(lOl)> Kate~SO SPicy!!!!> Kate~ Me So ******NNNYYY(loL)> Kate~ He's my special BOOOY>Kate&Kel~ I'm not rolling off this sofa, This aint no Mission Impossible 2 here!> Kate&Kel ~ BURGLARS!!!> Kate&Kel~ Grrrand-papa, I fetched the sheep, Grrand-papa, I frenched the sheep, Grrand-papa I ***ked the sheep!!>Kate&Kel ~ OOO Great comeback you fetched the sheep!!>David&Kate ~ I like Kate> David&Kate ~ spheres> Molly and Kate ~ SSSSSSOOOOO kate ssssshould we ssssstop it?? LoL, running water...Kate have to pee yet???> Mol ~ Aquafina instruments that play The real SlimShady and Build Me Up Buttercup> Kate ~ OMG, Dude, i'm like so totally stoke about this summer its like gonna be so dope> Kate and Maddy ~   no i was saying bye for amddy but this is amddy but i was saying bye to maddy but maddy really is me okeydoke i was just trying to help and really pleased to have this conversation  ok signing off for now , bye to maddy but not liek the by mady the byebye maddy but the other by is like by a book for maddy like this story that i read that was lik thus girl was going to her mommy and asking her for a seed to get horny, not the kind of the seed that u plant the kind of one u put in ur mouth , but the 1 that u out in ur mouth woulkd be like dafidil but not really cause we want it to be purple but daffidils cant be purple so u would go to the rain forest so u could see if u could find 1 but if u couldnt find 1 in the rain forest than u would go to super grade A and get married and u buy not by like this story bout the little but like bye bye maddy but im not leaving but im saying bye to my slef cuz ya i have to go to the doctor but did u no that the pills i  take dont work and they gorw in ranfporest but we not in the rainforest so im ssaying by maddy not bye for now but thats the story by maddy im not leaving but im saying bye but i wanted to tell u a sotry  and buy or by or bye can be bi
but by me i would like to tell u the story of me being bi like me cuz and the pruple but i very confuseded and i hope u love this cuz bye buy by bi ya thats it i got tit do u?  no like i didnt mean tit even though i have tits like mommy and daddy but sumtimes i have them all get big and small and like mary katherinre gllagher thats not her real namwe but sumtimes she goes on snl and she was on will and grace and thats on my fave show andf will is bi like i am not buy or like by m,addy or like bye bye maddy cuz were not leaving but will is bi as in bi nort like buy dog chow or like saotry by maddy and not like bye maddy but its like bi u no? > lololololol~!!!!! Kate ~ Sooo hot want to touch the hinny awooooooo!!!>

If I forgot you e-mail me -Hugs and Kisses!
                           Luv ya,
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