jaguarjournalists Mrs. Salvatore
Fairview Veterans Memorial Middle School Lang.Arts teacher
Week of October 29, 2001
     This week in class we will be reviewing parts of speech by finishing our Halloween Buffet of Wicked words. We'll be composing some Ominous Openings, Sepulchral Settings, and Chilling Characters to put into stories.  You should be able to write some chilling stories after listening to the Story performer we saw today.
     Many students wrote great restaurant reviews, congratulations.  Spelling tests are discouraging. A little time spent studying would pay handsome dividends.
Marks close on Friday November 2,2001 so make sure all your work is complete.
English Spelling words, 3X each with meanings or synonyms.
Reading-Worksheet -no passes-sequence of events
English Sentences for each spelling word.
Reading-Movie review of Legend of Sleepy Hollow
English-Happy Halloween
Reading-No Homework 
English Study spelling word meanings and spellings for a test
Reading-None if report is done
My Quia activities and quizzes
Friend or foe
scrambled words,matching and word search
Word sleuths-Revolutionary War terms
matching,word search, and scrambled words
Time Bound words
words from My Brother Sam
poetry terms
practice poetry terminology (vocabulary)
Useful links
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