AP Environmental Science
Brookdale Community College/Middlesex Community College/Belleville High School  
Summer Assignment 2016
Belleville High School
Joy Alfano, Ph.D


Welcome to the 2017-2018 class of AP Environmental Science. I am very excited to meet and work with each of you and get to know you over the coming year. AP Environmental Science is an immense field of study. Not only is it a science in the traditional sense, it is complicated and influenced by societies, opinions, governments, beliefs, economics, laws and ethics.

As of 2014 the AP Environmental Science Test is two parts. The first part is a 100 question multiple choice section which you will have 90 minutes to complete. The second is an open ended section or free response section. I will be adding to the AP ENVR TEST PREP page onto our QUIA web page. You should check back frequently over the summer and next year as I will continue to update my quia pages. This part of the page will have practice quizzes and samples of open ended and multiple choice sample tests.
To prepare for this year, I expect you to complete a summer assignment so we can complete the requisite coursework prior to the AP test. Environmental Science is an encompassing field which requires regular daily work to master. You should spend at least 15 minutes a day reading and looking at environmental current topics and keep a record of your environmental news.
To assist you in preparing I have broken down the assignment into several parts. You may use my suggested breakdown of "due dates" to pace yourselves during the summer. I would encourage you to work with other classmates if possible.
Task 1: As soon as possible send me an e-mail with your full name and student ID number. Once you send me your e-mail and student ID number I will set up your user name and password to gain access to the QUIA website along with the username and password for our online text books.

Task 2: You will need your log in so that you can access the pre-tests and several of the locked pages on the QUIA web page. Your USER Name is your first and last name and the numeric 676 and your PIN/password is your student ID number. If for some reason you do not have a student ID please e-mail me and I will set up a temp PIN/password for you until I can obtain your student ID. For example, My name is Joy Elaine Alfano my user name would be joyelainealfano676 and my student ID number would be my PIN/password. Please contact me if you have any problems with accessing your pre-tests. All pre-tests need to be complete before the first day of school. The pretest is not graded in terms of correctness rather I would like to assess where your current knowledge level is. You are not expected to know the answers. Each Quiz you complete will count as 25 points. You may take all of the pretests at once or space them over a period of time. Your Suggested Due date is July 15th.

Please arrange to pick up a copy of your AP Environmental Science Book before the end of the year. Check back to www.quia.com for additional updates and postings during the summer and into the fall of next year. If you have any questions e-mail me. I will only be able to check e-mails during the weekdays typically in the morning.

Joy Elaine Alfano, Ph.D
Teacher of Chemistry /Teacher of Environmental Science
Belleville High School

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Vocab Due September 15

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Vocab

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Vocab

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Vocab

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Vocab

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Vocabulary<Chapter 8 Study Guide

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Vocabulary>Chapter 9 Study Guide

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 vocabulary>Chapter 10 Review Sheet

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Vocabulary>Chapter 11 Review Sheet

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Vocabulary

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Vocabulary

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Vocabulary

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Vocab

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Vocab

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Vocabulary

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Power Points
Note Taking Power Point
Classroom Expectations
Lab Safety Power Point

Class Documents
Silent Spring Reading
Untangling the Environmental Paradox Reading
Calculate your radiation dose
Energy Practice Problems

POGIL Exercises Safety POGIL> Signifcant Figures POGIL> Significant Zeros POGIL> Organizing Data POGIL

Lab 1 Safety and Measurement-----------Lab 1 Rubric Safety and Measurement
Lab 1 WKBK JOY __ sample from 9.18.2013
Lab 2 - Plant Species Richness -----------Lab Species Rubric-----------Factors influencing plant species richness
Lab 3 Ozone Part I------------------------ Lab 3 - Ozone Lab Rubric
Biome Lab Worksheet--Biome Map---Biome Rubric
Biomes, Climate, and Precipitation,
Populations Lab>Pre-Lab Populations>Brazil Populations>China Populations>Kenya Populations>US Populations>UAE Populations
Hurricane Tracking and Prediction

Population Squares and Moths Excel Sheet

Sample Lab Format
Soil Rubric
Make up Soil Lab with Sample Data
Watersheds Lab
Calculate your radiation dosing
Environmental Groups<Environmental Groups Rubric Alternative Energies
Viewing Guides:
World in Balance China Revs Up Viewing Guide
The story of carbon trade viewing guide
The Electric Car
The Story of Stuff Video Guide
The Hidden AGenda - the electric car
Liquid Assets Viewing Guide

Midterm practice exam answer key NOTE THE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS that have multiple good answers or questions that we tagged for further review.Answer key to practice exam


Multi Media Project
My Quia activities and quizzes
AP Pretest Part I - 2016-2017
Suggested Due Date July 15
AP Pretest Part II 2016-2017
Suggested Due Date July 15
AP Pretest Part III
Suggested Due Date July 15
The story of Carbon Trade
Biomes, Demographics and Wildlife
C-11 - AP ENVR - Soil and Food Production
AP ENVR C-14 Fossil Fuels
Science Laboratory Safety Test
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