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LESSONS FOR THE WEEK OF January 22-26, 2001

SPELLING--Students will receive a list of the spelling
                   words on Monday.  Pretest will be on
                   Wednesday, and Post-test will be on

SCIENCE--Review and test--Chapter 7
                  Vocabulary worksheet for Chapter 8
                  Textbook pages 140-145

SOCIAL STUDIES--Textbook pages 40-49
                                Workbook pages 19-23
                                 Vocabulary for pages 40-49

READING--We will read the story in BEAT THE STORY
                   DRUM on pages 378-403.   In our RUNNING
                   FREE book, we read pages 282-301.  We
                   do workbook pages 104-109

MATH--Saxon lessons 84-86

ENGLISH--Textbook pages 207-209, and page 226
                  Reteaching Workbook pages 47-48
                  Workbook Plus pages 74-75
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