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Humble Middle School 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
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Did you know that hurricanes are the deadliest storms on earth? These storms can wipe out an entire city!  If you want to know how to survive one, then you should listen to what I have to say. 
In the event that a hurricane will occur in your hometown, you will first need some supplies.  The major supplies include:  canned foods that will last a week or more, a manual can opener so that you can open the food, and plenty of drinking water.  Just in case, you want to be sure that you know where the nearest emergency shelter is
located.  You might need a portable toilet in case running water is not available.  A safe so that you can store your valuables will come in handy.  You also need many batteries to operate a flashlight, radio, or any other battery operated necessity.  In addition, you might stock up
on games and books to keep you entertained.
Secondly, during a hurricane, you should always remember to stay calm, and you should remember that safety comes first.  Stay in the lowest, safest part of your house.  Always stay indoors until the storm is over.  If you don’t feel safe in your home, go to the nearest shelter which might be a local school.  Do not even think about  goingoutside or else you might die.
Finally, when the hurricane is over, keep in mind that you are still in danger because of falling debris.  If you have a camera, take pictures of all the rubble in and around your house just in case the sneaky insurance company tries to cheat on you.  Just in case you are confused about anything, see someone from the Red Cross, the police
department, or the fire department.
Now you know how to prepare for a hurricane, what to do during a hurricane, and after a hurricane.  I hope you remember all this information because it can one day save your life!

               THE PLAN
         by Victoria Guerra                                
A long time ago in a faraway land,
an angel told Mary about God’s great plan.
Mary agreed, and she was filled with great joy,
for the heavenly Father would bring her a baby boy.
That same baby boy would grow into a man
and teach of God’s miracles to all of the land.

          THE DAY I WAS SAVED by Sandi Kirby
I sent out a prayer for my Lord Christ Savior who answered in a very special way.  The Lord, my God, who is holy in every way said, “Who you are is whom I will change to my holy blood  that  I  will wash over  your body in the Mighty River  which  I,  the Lord’s body and blood, laid in.” 
The holy blood washed over my body.  It felt warm and affectionate and full of the heart of the Savior.  I was shaking from head to toe with butterflies.  I knew that I had been SAVED.

                 L O N E L I N E S S
Alone, Sad
Depressed, separated, isolated
Alienated, intrepid, lonesome, individual
Joyful, Nice, Sweet
Loving, Cheerful, Happiness
                by Deanna Puryear

Have you ever thought of how it would be if someone in your family who was real close you died? I have.  I used to wonder how it would be if my grandma died - like how everyone would get along and depend of themselves - because my grandma did all of that.
It was about two or three years ago when all of this took place.  It was on a Saturday in October when my grandma came by our house to visit us.  She was visiting for about twenty or thirty minutes when she asked if we had any food.  I was like, “Yes, we do.”  She said, “Do you
have anything sweet?” I looked and said, “No.”  She said, “Oh well, I don’t need it anyway.”  But I found little candy smarties and gave her some.  She said, “Oh, I don’t need them.”  So I put them up.  They were just about to leave when I asked her if I could stay the night.  My
grandma said that it will be too busy.  I said okay and hugged and kissed her as she left.
The next morning,  I woke up and I heard my step mom yelling for my dad to hurry and get out of the bathroom.  She was banging on the door. Still kind of sleepy,  I got out of bed sat on the couch.  I was
listening to what she was saying at the time, but I did not know who she was talking to.  Suddenly she said, “She’s dead!  Ronnie, calm down.  It’s alright. I am sending David (my dad) to the house to go check on you.”  I started crying because I knew it was my grandma they were talking
I went to the funeral home and she looked awful because her neck was swollen from them sticking tubes down her throat to get her back alive. The sad part was that she died two days before her birthday, and she was only 52.  I cried for about a week, and then I was pretty sad. They sent her to another town to get an autopsy.  They never actually found out what or why she died.  All they knew was that she died young and that it had something to do with her heart.  Even though it still remains a mystery, if you ask me, I think God took her away for a reason. In a way, I think she should be back because I need her and I miss her.
Another way some people look at it is that she was hurt from her work.  It might be a good thing, they say.  I don’t look at it that way.  God took her away because he didn’t want her to go through with whatever it would be.
It’s been about two or three years now, and I’m thirteen and I still cry every once in awhile.  My grandpa married this lady, Gwen.  Everyone calls her their granddma, but I don’t because she is not my grandma.
She is just Gwen to me.  I will always love my grandma.  I know that she went to heaven in my heart because the night before she died she watched and listened to Christian movies and music, and she went to church all the time.  She is an angel now.

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