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  Conversational Japanese
Japanese Pronunciation

a as in father, but shorter
e as in met
i as in machine
o as in north
u as in rule, but shorter
Long vowels are indicated by a u or double vowels such as ii.


The consonants b, k, m, n, p and w are pronounced as in English.
In the preposition (w)o the w is not usually heard.
D and t are pronounced similar but with the toungue touching the upper teeth.
G is always pronounced as in get or go.
S as in see
Sh as in ship
Z as in zinc
Ts as in gets
Ch as in cherry
J as in jeer
F is pronounced with the lips close together.
H is pronounced as in English except in front of i, when it is strong.
R is pronounced by a quick flapping of the toungue to the upper gums.
Double consonants are held twice as long as single ones.
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