japan Ms. Theus
Jefferson Terrace Third Grade Teacher
We are now doing a unit on Japan!!!

The following are important terms that we will be using frequently. They will help you when working on the qiuz and game.

AME = rain

BASHO = poet who wrote Haiku

FUTON = sleeping mat that can be put away

GOMOKU = children's game meaning 5 intersections

HAIKU = shortest form of poetry in Japan

HARU = spring

JAN KEN PON = game like rock-paper-scissors

KANJI = picture words

KIBI DUMPLING = dumpling of Japan

KIMONO = traditional form of dress

MOMTARO = Peach Boy

OHAYO = good morning

ONIGASHIMA = Ogre's Island

ORIGAMI = the art of paper folding

SAMURAI = warrior of old Japan

SOROBAN = Japanese abacus

TANABATA = Star Festival

TATAMI = straw floor covering

ZORI = sandal-type shoe made of rice straw
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Vocabulary of Japan
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Vocabulary of Japan
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