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Welcome to the Japanese One Home Page!  On this page, the wonderful Japanese One students of Lindbergh High School  can view weekly targets, character writing assistance, vocabulary and other points of interest to help them succeed in learning Japanese!  

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail OoKoonaa-Sensei (Miss O'Connor) by means of the link in the upper right hand corner.

Last week's target phrases were:
1.  O genki desu ka. = How are you?
    Genki desu. = Fine.

Other possible options:     Ma ma desu. = so-so.
                            Subarashii desu. = great!
                            Warui desu. = bad.
Anata no denwa bango wa nan desu ka? =
What is your telephone number?

225 no 6567 desu. = It is 225-6567.

Great job on the performance activity in class...asking for and giving your telephone numbers!

Our Hiragana characters and their memory cues: su (curly Sue), se (Mouth saying "say!"), so (stitches of sewing), ta (a "t" and a shape like an "a"), chi (cheek) and tsu (looks like a tsunami wave). Remember:  you can practice them by using the writing tutor below!

We will be talking about weather next week, as the target for this week is about time.  This connects to our recent study of numbers well. 

Ima Nan ji desu ka. = What time is it now?
Ichiji desu. = It's 1:00.
Ichiji goro desu. = It's around 1:00.
Ichiji han desu. = It's 1:30.
Ichiji han goro desu. = It's around 1:30.

han=:30, goro = about/around, ji=o'clock, nan=what, ima=now

There are a few pronunciation changes, but basically you just say the number (5 for example) and add "ji desu."
Pronunciation changes occur with the numbers:
4:00 = Instead of "yonji," it is "yoji."
9:00 = Instead of "kyuji," it is "kuji."

Gambatte this week!  Good luck!  
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