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Welcome to the Japanese II class home page! 

Our new kanji are the following five:

1.  "tada" of "tadashii"
2.  "ashi"
3.  "te"
4.  "migi"
5.  "hidari"  

These will be covered on the next test, Monday, September 25, 2000.  Right now, quiz yourself by trying to write the words above.  If you have a question, ask in class or look at the grade 1 kanji chart hanging on the corkboard.  Good job guys!  Yoku dekimashita!

The next test will also include the verbs from the verb cards we have been reviewing in class.  See below for a java game to practice these.

Conversation target 1:  pg. 181 in text, vocab on 180.

1.  Are you free? = Hima desu ka. (less used)
2.  Are you busy? = Isogashii desu ka. (used often)
3.  Do you have any time? = Jikan ga arimasu ka. (fairly  

Answers:(commonly used)
1.  Yes, I'm free, but... = EE, hima desu ga...
2.  Not really (I have some things to attend to) =
    Chotto yooji ga arimasu.
3.  I'm a little bit busy. = Chotto isogashii desu.
4.  Sorry, but... = Ee, chotto...(good for ANY situation!)
5.  Hima desu. = I'm free
6.  Jikan ga arimasu. = I have time.

Related vocabulary:

hima = free time, yooji = appointment, jikan = time, arimasu = have, ga = but (at end of sentence), chotto = (degree) slightly, a little, isogashii = busy. 

Vocabulary from page 180:

today = kyoo, tomorrow = ashita, yesterday = kinoo, the day before yesterday = ototoi, the day after tomorrow = kinoo, this morning = kesa, this afternoon = kyoo no gogo, tonight = konban
Idea:  Make notecards for the vocabulary words and for the conversation phrases.  USE THESE when you have a few minutes.  Flip through them and enter them into that short-term memory multiple times so that it moves to long-term memory sooner!  Use the game I have made below for the same purpose!  Good luck!
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