javierherrero J.A.V. from the Bronx
  Musician / Dance Instructor
Hello everyone!!!

I am a Latin Casanova.

I am a musician and a dancer, too.
I graduated with Honors from New York Univertity's School of Performing Arts in 1998, and am starting a dancing school in Los Angeles, CA. (Well, that is a project that has not materialized, yet!)

I love the sensual rhythms of salsa, and merengue - and also the upbeats of swing and cha-cha-cha. But above this, I love the sensual curves of my guitar, and the soft touch of my keyboard.  When I delight myself with the music these instruments create, I see myself engulfed in an intoxicating, and orgasmic blend of passion and feeling.

Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to appreciate this.

Please, e-mail me.
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