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Semester II Curriculum:
Sixth Six Weeks
Human Body Systems - Chapters 35-42
Plants - Chapters 23-25
Ecology - Chapters 15-17

Monday, 5/8 
Chapter 16 Worksheet due
Ecology Activity/Video
Homework: Chapter 17 Worksheet

Tuesday, 5/9
Ecology Lab
Homework: Chapter 18 Worksheet

Wednesday, 5/10
EOC Practice Test
Ecology Activity/Video
Homework: Plants and Ecology Test Friday 

Thursday, 5/11 
Biology EOC
Ecology Activity

Friday, 5/12 
Plants and Ecology Test

Upcoming Events:
5/10: Exemption Forms due to AP at 2:45 p.m.
5/11: Biology End of Course Exam
5/12: Plant/Ecology Test
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