jbartaclass Mrs. Barta
McDonald Junior High School Eighth grade science, Vertical Team, ESL, Health
Last Thursday, my second and third periods had the wonderful opportunity to hear our own Dr. Mark Bing (a great physician located here in Katy) speak about the awesome world of astronomy.  He discussed nebulaes, telescopes, stars, and spectral lines.  Please be sure to thank him and other businesses that support Katy ISD by showing interest in the students and their learning.  They personally take time to come and speak to these junior high students which is not always the most fun job in the world!

Week of Monday, April 16 to April 20

Monday---Easter Holiday

Tuesday--All classes worked on and discussed their TAAS packets.
Wednesday--All classes worked on and discussed their Taas Packets.  Pre-Ap classes did a chart on the life cycle of a star.
Thursday--All classes viewed a filmstrip on "Life in the Cosmos"  and had a short quiz following the filmstrip.
Friday--Academic classes watched a video on "The Expanding Universe' and listed 10 facts about it.  Pre-ap Classes began Project Haystack which is a challenging unit on searching for extraterrestrial life.  They viewed actual images sent on the Voyagers space probes.  They need to bring magazines on Monday.

Week of April 23 to 27
Monday--Pre-Ap classes will make a collage to be "sent" as a message to extraterrestrial beings.
Academic classes will go over Taas science tips one last time.

Tuesday--Math Taas Test
Wednesday--Reading Taas Test
Thursday--Social Studies Taas Test
Friday--Science Taas Test
When time permits, Pre-Ap students will continue with Project Haystack.  Academic students will be constructing star charts.
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