jbauer Mrs. Bauer
St. Laurence Catholic School 2A Second Grade Teacher
Dear Boys and Girls and Moms and Dads,

Here's the scoop for the week....

We have been reading along with the Ben Franklin biography.  The children have been busy working on their time lines on the computer, too.  Part I vocabulary quiz in on Tuesday.  The children need to know the definition of the words and be able to use them in sentences.
In language, we will be writing using pronouns.  The children understand pronouns fairly well, so our focus will how to use them in their writing.  Pronouns are little words that can help to "'balance" a writing piece.  The correct balance of proper nouns, common nouns, and pronouns gives the reader a variety.  It helps the piece from becoming stall and boring. To do this activity, we will use a piece of literture to get their minds thinking and then they will write. There will some writing homework on Wednesday or Thursday to balance out the writing piece.  

The Valentines Day party is on Thursday.  The children may bring in their Valentines for their friends beginning on Monday.  If you use the directory to write out your Valentines, remember that Colleen is C.C. and Victoria is Tori. 

The spelling words for the week are the spellings of long "o". 


New unit in math...geometry!  Shapes, shapes, shapes.  Flat shapes and space shapes will be the focus for the week.

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent.  The chidren will have mass on Wednesday this week....Official school uniforms. We will be discussing the importance of Lent and how we are going to prepare for this season.  The children will be deciding what they will do for lent...  A sacific, increase their prayer life, or do an act of charity.

In science,  we will continue to talk about animal life.  The chick eggs were suppose to come on Friday, but with the cold weather last week the hens would not lay any eggs. So, we will see if the weather was warm enough for them over the weekend.  We should have some eggs by Tuesday.  

Homework for the week of February 11-15.  Remember this is an outline.  There may be more.  Check your child's assignment spiral each night!

Monday -
*Reading - Read Chapter 13
*Spelling - write each word 3 times each
*Language - 2 sentences in DOL
*Math - paper

Tuesday -
*Reading - Play Vocabulary game
*Spelling - ABC order
*Language - 2 sentences in DOL
*Math - paper

*Reading -
*Spelling - paper
*Language - 2 sentences in DOL
*Writing - Balance out rough draft with pronouns
*Math - paper

*Reading - Scholastic News
*Spelling - 5 sentences
*Language - 2 sentences in DOL  (return to school tomorrow)
*Math - paper

Friday -

Important Dates:
February 13 - Ash Wednesday and All school mass
February 14 - Valentine's Day Party
February 18 - School Holiday
February 20 - T-shirt Day and St. Vincent de Paul
February 26 - Mother-Son Breakfast
March 1 - Oratorical Poem due

See you in the morning boys and girls!  Love you bunches, Mrs. Baue
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