jblife Machelle Havenridge
Johnson Brock High School  
Welcome to the Johnson Brock Life Science page.  Below you will find information about assignments and activities we will be doing in class. 

We are studying biomes around the Earth, each student is responsible for building a model of a biome.  They have lots of great ideas!  The biomes must be completed by December 17th.  That means if you have plants to start they need to be established and growing.

Monday, November 19th,  The Tundra notes and discussion, assignment Tundra review worksheet

Tuesday, November 20th, Forest Biomes, notes and discussion, assignment Forest Biomes Review worksheet

Wednesday, November 21st, Grassland Biomes, notes and discussion, assignment Grassland Biomes Review worksheet

Thursday, November 22nd, Thanksgiving

Friday, November 23rd, No School
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