Carmel Middle Sci 17-18 Block 6
Carmel Middle School 7th grade Science Teacher
2/15 - 2/16

I NEED.....  a writing utensil

#WARMUP - Sit with lab partner - GROUPS OF 2/3 - NO GROUPS OF 4! - Get lab paper from "Table of Science"

1.  Dissection video - 5-6 minutes
2.  Frog Dissection - Everyone fills out a lab paper - due in class on Tuesday/Wednesday 75-80 minutes
3.  Clean-up - 10-15 minutes - See procedure below
a.  Remove all utensils from tray - rinse and wipe dry
b.  Dump frog and all paper towels into the large trash can.
c.  Throw gloves away.
d.  Rinse AND DRY dissection tray
e.  Return tray to the front of the room and add a clean paper towel to the tray!
f.   Wipe down desk or work station with a Clorox Wipe!
g.   Get a mint or a piece of gum from the candy box of Science!
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