CaMS Block 1 18-19
Carmel Middle School 7th grade Science Teacher
1/18 - 1/22

I NEED...... my microscope handout, cell diagram, cell structures and functions handout, Bill Nye Handout

#WARMUP - Complete side 2 of Microscope handout using word list below

1.  Grade Discussion
2.  Review cell parts notes
3.  Review Cell diagram requirements - Turn in Cell diagrams
4.  Cell video
5.  Work on Unit 3 Vocab on device
     a.  Finished work on Cell City and Cell "Flashcards"
6.  Finish Bill Nye Greatest Discoveries
My Quia activities and quizzes
Unit 3 Pre-Test
Unit 3 Cellular Structure Jumbled Words
Unit 3 Cellular Structure pop-ups
Useful links
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