CaMS Block 1 18-19
Carmel Middle School 7th grade Science Teacher
11/20 - 11/26

I NEED...... my textbook and my device.

#WARMUP (30-40 minutes) - Have I finished AND TURNED IN ALL of the following:

1.  I have completed online book Les 2, explorations 1-4 or pages 25-37 and turned in my book to Mr. Bullock.
2.  I have completed and turned in the Online lab and handout and turned it in. - FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - All "quizzes" must be shown to Mr. Bullock and signed for a B check
3.  I have finished the Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary/Jumbled Words
4.  I have picked up and complete the complete the first 2 handouts of the Rock Lab/Project.
5.  Break
6.  Bill Nye Rocks
7.  Turkey Bowling Tournament on Chromebook
My Quia activities and quizzes
Mini-Unit Vocabulary - Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Mini-Unit Vocabulary - Earthquakes and Volcanoes - b
Unit 2 Jumbled Words - Rocks and Minerals - 18-19
Unit 2 Vocabulary - Rocks and Minerals - 18-19 - B
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