CaMS Block 3 18-19
Carmel Middle School 7th grade Science Teacher
1/14 - 1/15

I NEED...... My "Who's the Thief?" cheat sheet

#WARMUP - Complete Cell theory reading and questions

1.  a.  Animal and Plant Cell Introduction and handout - complete using pages 22&23 in the textbook - Pick one up from the front of the room - DO NOT WRITE IN IT! - Return book and word bank when finished
     b.  "Who's the Thief?" Assessment

2.  Unit 3 Vocabulary - Jumbled Words - May use textbook and unscrambler web site

3.  Song

4.  Cell Video
My Quia activities and quizzes
Unit 3 Pre-Test
Unit 3 Cellular Structure Jumbled Words
Unit 3 Cellular Structure pop-ups
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