jc Mrs. Templeton
John Colemon Elementary Language Arts Teacher
Welcome to our webpage.  Please remember that we have 3.5 weeks of school left.  Below are some important dates for you to remember as we finish this school year.

-May 12 - Incentive Field trip to Long Hunter State Park
*All money due Tuesday, May 9, 2000.  The cost of the trip is $5.00.  If your child needs a sack lunch from the cafeteria, please mark on the permission slip!
-May 19 - Field Day

-May 23 - Talent Show ( you must audition to be in the show)

-May 29 - Memorial Day ( no school)

-May 30 - Teacher Work Day (no school)

-May 31 - Last Day of school

It is important that your child continues to work on attendance.

Test Friday, May 5, Vocabulary definitions, pronounciation, and test over story elements "Shortstop in Toyko"

Be sure to visit the website www.funbrain.com for some fun activities.  Below are some links to help you out.  

If you visit Shoney's in Smyrna be sure to look for you art work on display.  We have sent our symmetrical pictures to be on display at this local resturant.  You should a certificate for some kind of free dessert.  Stop by and see you art work. It looked wonderful.
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