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Kids' Stuff             May 14-18
My time with your sweethearts is just about over-boo hoo!  I have learned to love them so much.  The end of the year holds some special events.  This newsletter, hopefully, will tie up all the loose ends.

First the good news! No homework for students-just for parents.  Your instructions are
coming in an envelope, and it is due next Tuesday at awards (We start at :30 a. m.).   Please make every effort to be present on May 22 for the author's celebration, the awards presentation, and the picnic to follow. 

Our yearly camp out is coming up.  I hope you are up for this one last BIG event.
That is the day of the 5th grade special banquet, and we cannot eat in the cafeteria any way so we'll eat outside in the "campground" .  First thing in the morning on the 18th we will set up tents out in the south-east corner of the playground in the grove of trees.  Then we'll have outdoor education most of the day.  We'll decamp about 1:20 in the afternoon just in time to go to specials.  If you don't have a tent, just bring a sleeping bag and a blanket.  It gets very hot in the tents anyway so many of us just like to be out "under the stars".  Bring a lunch just as you did for the library trip last week. Be sure to have a backpack to hold snacks and books for resting time.  A good way to keep all of your camping things together is to put it all in an old pillowcase. 

We did have a great time on our local field trip on Friday.  The kids did so well on the way to and from the library.  They were quiet and respectful in the library.  It did my heart good  to watch them have fun in my yard, too.  Thanks so much to the wonderful
Moms who were such troopers: Mrs. Englehart, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Holak, Mr. Wooten,
Mrs. Gerescher, Mrs. Frautschi, and Mrs. Meyer.   I thank you and the children thank you.

If you haven't bought supplies for next year please consider doing that through the school.  It will save you money and gas!! The children will have uniform supplies for next year.  The kids going to Maplebrooke may have different lists.  You may want to wait. 

I'm sure I'll think of other things through the week, so you probably haven't heard the last of me.

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