jccfrench2exam Karen Olson
Jamestown Community College  
Bonjour students in JCC online French!

Your exam is ready. You are allowed to skip and backtrack to check your work.   Couple of important things:

1. You will need to access the gabcast link (provided below) to hear the listening portion at the same time as you are taking the exam. Open a separate window first, before you begin the exam.

2. Some portions of the exam are "auto" graded by the computer. Other portions need instructor to grade.
Because of that, when you are finished, the result won't be accurate. (The computer will only report a portion of your grade which will appear as failing. NO WORRIES! Just email me from the email link above and I will grade your exam and email you the results.)

3. If you have any troubles acccessing or viewing any portion of the exam.....do NOT freak out! Just close the exam and email me and we will figure it out together. 269-3515

Enjoy your summer!

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