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Hi, and welcome to Mme Knable's classes  webpage. ¬†Created by me, Becky, from Prd. 6. ¬†Today is January 7, 2000


* Health Classes:
You will have you exam on the male and female reproductive systems.  You will be able to use your own written notes but no Xerox copies from the book.  Also, your definitions on the reproductive systems is due; the male and female definitionas will each be worth 1 homework point.

* Period 2

Make 9.3 cards

* Period 4

Translate the Panorama Culturel on page 91 and answer the questions.

* Period 6

Make 5.2 vocab cards.

* Period 7

You will have a quiz on the colors.  Make sure you know all four skills--Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.  Also, write out exercise 17.
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5.2 Vocab
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