jefschroeder Mr. Schroeder
katy high school algebra 1 teacher
Algebra 1     Classroom D219

Classroom rules:
1.)  Student and adults will treat each other with dignity and respect at all
2.)  Students will have excellent attendance and will be punctual.
3.)  All work that is to be turned in and/or graded MUST be in PENCIL ONLY.
4.)  Students will strive for their personal best.
5.)  During the school daynot allow disrectful and/or defiant behavior,
derogatory or racial comments, profanity, fighting, or horse playing.
6.)  Students will bring materials to class every day.


Test 60%     Quizzes  25%       Homework/Classwork  15%


Wednesday october 11     4-5A percent of increase/decrease

Thursday october 12      4-5B percent of increase/decrease

Friday   october 13      Review chapter 4B

Monday   october 16      Test chapter 4B

Tuesday  october 17      5-1/5-2  coordinate plane/relations

Wednesday october 18     5-3  Equations as relations

Thursday  october 19     5-4  graphing linear equations

Friday    october 20     Quiz 5-1 to 5-4

Monday    october 23     5-5  functions

Tuesday   october 24     5-6 writting equations from pattern

Wednesday october 25     Review of Chapter 5

Thursday  october 26     Test Chapter 5

Friday    october 27     composite functions and writting

-------October 27 is the end of the 2nd 6 weeks-------

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