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Elections Project for Junior High Students
You will surf for election information from the list links and answer a couple of questions for this week.
You need to write a summary as the conclusion of this project and e-mail the report to me in the following week.

Dear Junior High Students:

You will surf information about the Election 2000 project from this page and answer question 1 and question 2  for today's assignment.

1.List the four main Presidential + Vice-Presidential Candidates and their parties.

2.List some major issues in their campaign (at least three issues)

3.Answer the questions by using e-mail to Mrs. Twu. I will teach you how to use the e-mail and help you to sign e-mail account if time is allowed..

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, American voters will elect a new president and vice president, along with 33 senators and 435 representatives to make up the 107th Congresses. For over a year, campaign efforts have inundated the public with advertisements, opinion polls, debates, speeches and all of the usual media explosions.

How many Americans actually elect our president?

Activity 1. Who Votes? ( Who Doesn’t?)

Find the information from Internet on Census Bureau reports.

Show the graph by using Excel program after collecting the data. You will do this part in next week.

Write a brief profile of a person most likely to vote in a presidential election.

Activity 2. What Are the Issues?

  Try to find information from the following links:
Find more issues
Go Vote
Vox Cap
Vote Smart

Choose 10 issues that you believe are most important to you.

Put these in rank order from 1 to 10 and ask two adults and have them rank order their top choices. Bring the results to class and  to compare with other students.

After a group discuss to find out what might be reasons for some of the differences?

Write a summary about the conclusion by using word 2000 and e-mail to me.

Activity 3: Predicting Election Results ( work in groups of  three or four)
The magic number required to elect a president is 270 electoral votes, half of the 538 electors plus 1.

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