jenningsmath Mrs. Jennings
Armstrong Middle School Math 6th Grade
Hello Math Friend,

   We are nearing the end of the 4th six weeks. We are working on GCF and will begin equivalent fractions on Feb. 21. We have less than 1 month to prepare for the Iowa Test.
We will continue to work on these skills in our Focus work.
Continue to work hard and your efforts will pay off when we take the Iowa test.
                           Your pal in Math,
                           Mrs. Jennings

p.s. Remember to work hard to be successful on your challenge! Tutoring is on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:15.

Homelearning:2-14 Prime Factorization test (Early Dismissal)
             2-15 Text pages 200-201 GCF
             2-16 Computer Lab, Text page 554 -Lesson 6-4
             2-17 Practice Worksheet 6-4
             2-18 Test on skill 6-4
             2-21 Simplifying fractions text pages 205-206
             2-22 text page 554 Lesson 6-5
             2-23 Focus Test, Practice worksheet 6-5
             2-24 Review skill 6-5, study guide wkst. 6-5
             2-25 Test on skill 6-5
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