TOK-Juniors, 2020-21
Wilmington Friends School Teacher, club sponsor, and student of history and philosophy
My Quia activities and quizzes
Survey U1-01: Basic Personal Information, 2020-21
TOK Quiz U1-01: Course policies (2020-21)
TOK Quiz U1-02: The goals of the TOK Program (2020-21) 6Qs
TOK Quiz U1-03: The overall argument and approach (2020-21)
TOK Quiz U1-04: The neuroscience of belief, (6 Qs) (2020-21)
TOK Quiz U1-05: Errors of perception, (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK Quiz U1-06: Pattern recognition problems (4 Qs) (2020-21)
TOK Quiz U1-07: Flaws and fabrications of memory (9 Qs) 2020-21
TOK Quiz U1-08: Our constructed reality (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U1 SuperQuiz: Beliefs, sense perception, memory (18 Qs) 2020-21
TOK Quiz U1-02a: Central concepts of the course (2020-21)
TOK U2-01: Good reasoning–The structure and purpose of argument (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U2-02: Deductive reasoning (13 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U2-03: Inductive reasoning (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U2-04: Logical fallacies (6 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U2-05: Heuristics and cognitive biases (8 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U2-06: Reason and emotion (9 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U2 SuperQuiz: Reason and emotion (28 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3-01: The nature and functions of language (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3-02: Clarity and ambiguity (3 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3-03: Language and abstraction (9 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3-04: Definitions and essay writing (6 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3-05: What to put in a TOK Essay introduction (6 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3-06: Culture and language (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U3 SuperQuiz: Language and culture (29 Qs), 2020-21
TOK U4-01: The origins of the natural sciences, (2 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U4-02: The evolution of cosmology from Ptolemy to Newton, (13 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U4-03: Bacon and Newton develop a new way of reasoning, (14 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U4-04: The development of science after Newton, (6 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U4-05: Popper's reformulation of the scientific method, (10 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U4-06: Kuhn on what a science is, and how it progresses (11 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U4-07: How different is biology (compared to physics)? (6 Qs), 2020-21
TOK U4-08: How does the scientific worldview relate to others? (7 Q),2019-20
TOK U4 SuperQuiz: Natural Sciences, (Top Qs, 32) 2020-21
TOK U5-01: Differences between natural and human phenomena (3 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U5-02: What the human sciences are (1 Q) 2020-21
TOK U5-03: Differences between natural & human sciences (8 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U5-04: What is considered "good thinking" in economics? (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U5-05: The invisible hand paradigm and market fundamentalism (7 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U5-06: How people really behave (4 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U5-07: The politics and economics of the Great Recession, 2008-9 (All Qs, 2) 2020-21
TOK U6-01 The past v history. How history is transmitted (4 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U6-02: Rashomon (2 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U6-03: History and psychology, (5 Qs), 2020-21
TOK U6-04 The historian and her facts (2 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U6-05: The methods of history (6 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U6-06: Grand paradigms and schools of historical interpretation (4 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U6-07: Can we learn from history? (4 Qs) 2020-21
TOK U5-U6 SuperQuiz: The Human Sciences, and History 2020-21
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