Lincoln College Preparatory Middle School  
Please use these activities during tutoring sessions or at home or the library for extra practice.  Each chapter has at least two vocabulary activities and two grammar activities. 
My Quia activities and quizzes
Juntos Dos: Chapter 3 vocabulary
Juntos Dos: Chapter 3 Vocabulary Hangman
Juntos Dos: Chapter 3 Preterite Verbs
El pretérito
Juntos Dos: Chapter 3 Reaction Verbs
Los Irregulares del Pretérito
Pretérito (Verbos Regulares)
Irregular preterite verbs
Juntos Dos: Chapter 2 Vocabulary
Juntos Dos: Chapter 2 Vocabulary Jumble
Juntos Dos: Chapter 2 Formal Commands
Juntos Dos: Chapter 2 Preterite Verbs
Spanish Math Battleships
Classroom Objects: Columns
The Family- Hangman
Greetings and Polite Expressions: Las Expresiones de Cortesía
Days, Months, and Seasons: Java Games
Days, Months, and Seasons: Rags to Riches Game
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